Warrant for Her Arrest

Warrant for Her Arrest

The Heated Pursuit Part 1

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Genre: Erotica

Sub-genre: Multiple partners, Cop, Young with Old, Male Point of View, M/F

Warrant for her ArrestDescription:  Derek and Jared have been partners in the police force for almost 11 years. They had heard about an elusive young woman who appears from time to time in their city, that pleads to get off on charges and arrests in exchange for sex. Jared, is of course interested, but Derek is hesitant. Will this mysterious woman be able to convince them both?

This is a short story at approximately 6,000 words and written in a male’s point of view.

This is PART ONE of The Heated Pursuit Series.

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Read an excerpt here.


5 out of 5 Flames for strong sexual situations and  explicit language.

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