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As an erotica author, I know how hard it is to find websites to promote, edit, proofread, and beta read erotica.

I had an idea.  You see, I could offer my services for a price, but I didn’t want to deal with money transactions when it involved pen names.  And I know a lot of people feel the same way.  Your privacy is important, and I want to completely honor that!  I am completely booked with projects of my own, but I still want to do a few things here and there for the right stories.  I thought it be great to exchange services with each other, where we can.

So, here are a few things I can do for you.  Just contact me, and send me an email.  🙂

Twitter Mentions:

I am not the type of author who likes to blast Tweets about my book constantly.  But I am willing to send out a few shoutouts and retweets about you as an author or your book up for sale.  I’ll only do this a couple times, because I don’t want to spam people.  So don’t feel bad if I don’t agree to Tweeting your book.  I mainly want my Twitter account up for conversations, not sales pitches.

Send me an email stating if your book is going to be free, or if you just need an extra Tweet.

Editing Services:

I am no pro.  I don’t have a special editor’s guidebook sitting on my counter that I refer you.  If you ask me what style guide I use, I will probably just say: English.  I know how frustrating it can be to get an extra pair of eyes due to the fact that you’re doing erotica.  I can be that “extra” pair, but please don’t blame me if I miss something.

I can edit any genre, and I do not have a weak stomach for explicit erotica.  I can handle it all.  But, I only am going to do a few of these here and there, and try to keep it under 10k words.  We can always discuss further arrangements.  In exchange I’d like either a mention on your site a Tweet, or mention in the book credits. 

I’d rather have established relationships vs messy money exchanges, at this time.

For longer works than 10k, feel free to still email me if you’re in a bind.  If the book has potential and it sounds interesting I may do longer, let’s chat.

Blog Mentions:

If you have a cover reveal, want an interview, or any news on your book, let me know.  I’d like to start having a few more blog posts on here.

For all of the above services, contact me through email.  ^_^

Is there something else I missed?  Do you need help with a book cover, book review, etc?  Let me know what we can work out.  I do not have stock photos to work with for a bunch of book covers though, but I am decent at typography and some photo manipulation.  I did my own covers.

Note: I will not do any form of book review for a book I have previously edited or did work on.

Final Note:

This is in no way, a way to take away from actual paid editing services.  I think if you have a large piece of work, you should have it looked at by a trusted editor.  Those usually cost a hefty price.  But even with that price, there are still many people who won’t do erotica.  Just like any other erotica services though, I am going to exclude works that have to do with incest, pedophilia, bestiality, under age, and other forms that are normally excluded.

Author Services
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