Hi there, and welcome to my blog.


I have always been a reader and writer, ever since I knew how.  Though I always secretly loved the erotica genre, and had favorite authors I followed, it wasn’t until recently that I started writing erotica myself.

I love erotica, because it is a safe place for us all to live out our fantasies, without actually ever experiencing certain scenarios. 

The great part about writing for erotica is that I feel like I do not have a focused sub-genre.  My mood varies, so sometimes my writing will accommodate that.  I will rarely write romance, because I’m not that kind of girl.  However, if I do I’ll make sure to warn my readers that romance is incoming!

I will do my best to label all of my work, so that you have an idea what you’re getting into.

By all means, follow me on Twitter and send me a shout out for requests.

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